Nutrisystem – A foodie’s weight loss paradise!

Howdy folks! Bob here. I’m a 47 year old local bus driver from Phoenix, Arizona. A few years ago, I had a beer gut the size of Jupiter and constant nagging from my wife to “do something about it”. My kids were ashamed to take me to school with them, since everyone would tease them about my size. However, I was never one for physical exercise. I don’t have the time for it, since I work from early morning to late at night (taking breaks, of course) and my meager salary barely provides for mortgage, my kid’s school expenses and our daily expenditures. Then one day, while cleaning up my bus after a shift, I noticed that someone had dropped a Nutrisystem coupon under the seat.

I was curious about it, it seemed like a tailor made program for me. Losing weight by eating food seemed very ideal to me. However, I was reluctant to commit to it, since only fools dive in without testing waters. I barely scrapped by using Facebook on the Internet, so you could say I wasn’t tech savvy. However, I knew how to use the phone, so I gave them a call. They were polite and helpful, and I was convinced enough to give it a try.

It was a viable option for me, both ideally and economically. At $10 per day, I would get six meals a day, delivered to my doorstep. I consulted my wife about it, and she was skeptical about it at first too. Frankly, it sounded too good to be true. However, after she surfed online for a while and read feedbacks and reviews, she was convinced and even more enthusiastic about it than I was. She also promised to look up discounts that was apparently very frequently given away online.

Nutrisystem does its part, you need to do yours

Nutrisystem had a “Lose 5 lbs + 1 inch off your waist in the first week or your money back” guarantee. Sadly, I failed this. I didn’t lose weight in the first week, nor the second, not even in the first month. But that wasn’t an error on Nutrisystem’s part, it was my mistake. I cheated. The portions were meager and barely enough, so I sometimes visited a McDonald’s or KFC to satisfy my insane foodie cravings. My wife resigned herself into thinking that I would never lose weight, and told me so too. This spurned me on.

I started packing fruits with me that I would eat when I craved food. I started being thankful for the food I got, and started convincing myself that Nutrisystem knew what my body needed and was providing the same for it (which they were, of course). Lo and behold! 2 weeks later, I was 9 lbs lighter and a whole lot more confident. My colleagues had started to rib on me because I was a regular for an after work beer or the occasional barbeque, but I stopped that. They were not convinced about my weight loss strategy (“Weight is only lost by going to the gym!” or “Weight loss food is rabbit food”), but once they started seeing the change in me, they were pleasantly surprised. Some even asked me to help them join the program. I gave them my Nutrisystem promo code, which would certainly help them.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss

Why it was easy for a foodie like me to switch to Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem has a whole team of hotshot scientists and people who know their stuff, and it certainly shows. Their food may be weight loss food, but, it tastes absolutely positively delicious. I salivate thinking about their beef stew or chocolate chip cookies. I never thought that it would be possible to lose weight with delicious food, because grandma always said “It’s oils and fat that makes a food delicious. You want to get thin you eat yucky food”. However, with changing times, it’s amazing how science has proved her wrong.

Nutrisystem was a test of my resolve, but I came out on top. Although it was hard to control myself at first, I gradually accepted that self control and discipline were the pillars that the success of this program relied upon (with much help from my wife). I lost almost a 100 pounds in 2 years, and am now at a respectable weight of 150 pounds. My beer belly does not show, and I don’t start panting after running 3 steps anymore. In fact, I started walking and jogging to complement the already good results that I was getting from Nutrisystem.

A self-confidence boost with Nutrisystem

My kids don’t mind me going to their school for events anymore. My wife is happy with the way I look and carry myself. I also have a newfound confidence that I never realized I was lacking. I am no longer affected by jibes and pokes at my weight and figure. I do go for the occasional beer with my friends, but it is now few and far between, and I know how to work it off now.

I also keep an eye of for their deals. Although my weight changed, my income source hasn’t. These giveaways can make it up to $8 for a day’s meals, which helps me save even more than I do. Although Nutrisystem has never been a financial burden to me, it certainly helps that they have these little useful giveaways.

Anyhoo, here are some pros and cons I learned about Nutrisystem on my way to the shangrila of fitness:


  • Tasty food
  • Variety of items to choose from
  • Budget-friendly


  • Unlike other meal plans recommended by trainers, someone isn’t always there to remind you to stay on track.
  • You need to forget your favorite fast food joints
  • Very hard to discipline yourself at first

Jesus left that fateful nutrisystem coupon code under my bus seat that day to help me get rid of this extra weight. It’s truly been a boon to me. My wife stopped nagging me about my weight and my kids are no longer embarrassed to be seen around me. I also carry myself with confidence, and my friends, who laughed off the idea at first, are rushing off to sign up for the Nutrisystem program. You should give it a try if you want to lose weight without physical exertion. Trust me, it certainly works.

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