How I Went from 4500 calories to 2000 calories on the Nutrisystem Diet

There is one thing the Nutrisystem diet plan did very well, and that is to teach me about correct portion sizes. Before getting on the diet, I was consuming about 4,500 calories daily. I was eating too many carbs in each meal that I would have the shakes if I didn’t have soda or some candy after each meal.

My friend Debra gave me a Nutrisystem coupon code from her blog and told me about their meal plans, and after many failed attempts, I finally stuck with it. The diet has reset your mind to viewing food more healthily. I can eat all the veggies and fruits I want, but confine my carbs to only those found in the meal packs.

At first, it was a shock to my body, going from 4500 calories a day to 1,000 calories in the first week. I had headaches, and my sugar withdrawals were insane. I was like an addict for the first week, and when I thought I would relapse again, it suddenly stopped. I got bumped up to 1,500 calories per day, and since then it has been a relatively easy diet. For me, the key was getting my body to accept less sugar.

My Nutrisystem Transformation

What is the Nutrisystem Diet Plan?

The Nutrisystem diet plan is a commercially available weight-loss program that runs on the meal delivery premise. The diet is focused on portion control, balanced nutrition, and regular meals. You can use the products in any way you choose, or you can follow a plan. I use it in combination with some of my regular foods.

I eat the breakfast and the dinners, but because I love my steak and BBQ, I eat my daily lunches. The portion sizes had become a part of me that now I eat half the of what I used to eat before I got on the diet. My daily calorie intake is 2500, and for a man of 6.2 feet, I felt great and energized all the time.

I started the diet five months ago, and so far I have lost 15 kg overall. This is great because I’m not skipping meals. If any part of a weight loss program becomes restricted by limiting food choices, many people will find it hard to stick with the diet.
One other thing I love about the Nutrisystem meal plan is the variety of meals available. These are all tasty, balanced meals that will not restrict your taste buds. For each meal, there are more than two dozen different options to choose from. Below are the main features of the diet I liked:

  1. The cost for results is acceptable
    When I first researched the diet, I saw reviews from users that mentioned the high cost of the plan. But, I have always been interested in results and leveraging off quality for cost. In my estimation, the price of other meal plans that do not work is higher than Nutrisystem that works.
  2. The variety of foods made meal times exciting
    The meal options were varied and not boring at all. With several choices on the menu, I found that I wanted to sample them all. I’m not a great cook, and in fact only had any home cooking when my daughter came to visit. The Nutrisystem meals were the perfect healthy, home cooked meal variation.
  3. The portions helped me deal with overeating
    I don’t cook so I eat out or order in every day. When I dine out, whatever was served on my table, I ate! The Nutrisystem portions are small about regular meals. But after a few weeks, my body adjusted to the proportions and now, whenever I order in, I am only able to eat half of my food. My body has indeed changed.
  4. The program has changed my lifestyle
    I needed a program that was ready for my bad habits, that had no alternative options and was firm and delicious enough to satisfy me. The Nutrisystem is better than any self-sustained program because it satisfied all my needs.

There’s a wealth of science that shows a connection between portion control, eating healthy meals and weight-loss. The Nutrisystem provides all these features and helped me lose weight without any effort. Once I overcame my craving for excessive carbs I was able to stick to this diet.